Kidderminster’s young LQBTQ+ celebrate their history with C&T film

A group of young LQBTQ+ people aged 13 -19 living in the West Midlands town of Kidderminster have celebrated their history and identiies by researching, devising and making a film of the stories from their community.  

Working with C&T's Naomi Wood and Kidderminster District Youth Trust, the group worked with a historian and local residents to discover the perspectives, challenges and achievements of the LQBTQ+ community of the town over the last 50 years. Their work was shaped into a short film of personal testimonies, documentary footage and archival materials and recieved its first public screening at the Wyred for Pride Festival in Kidderminster in February and is going to be screened at events across the West Midlands in the coming months. 

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