C&T’s Prospero to pioneer theatre and tech with children with learning disabilities

We are delighted to announce a ground breaking new programme of work, which will bring the company's Prospero theatre and arts technology to Fort Royal Community School, which serves children and young people in Worcester with a range of learning and physical disabilities.

Thanks to a tremendous three years of investment from the National Lottery Community Fund, C&T will work with teachers and students from Fort Royal to explore the potential of theatre, creativity and technology for shaping stilumating learning experiences for children with ofen profound learning, physical and sensory disabilities.  

The project will bring people together from across the City of Worcester through three years of innovative community consultation events, which will act as the catalyst for activities that will  develop and empower children with special education and physical needs. It will look at the innovative use of technology to break down barriers and bring new learning opportunities, enabling them to learn together in school and open up the school to the wider community.

Ed Francis, Head teacher of Fort Royal Community Primary School said, “We are excited to have secured this opportunity to use technology to improve the learning and lives of our very vulnerable pupils. We find it is the single most helpful motivator for our children and the lottery funding secured by Margaret Jones on behalf of The Friends of Fort Royal School with C&T has now provided us with the means to create something very special, worthwhile and we hope ground breaking.

“This is an exciting and ground breaking piece of work that will not only help our children with the most complex needs, but support staff and put Fort Royal School at the forefront, breaking down barriers, opening up opportunities and inspiring best practice”. Margaret Jones, Grants and Fundraising Manager Fort Royal School.

Dr Paul Sutton, Artistic Director of C&T said, “This is a terrific opportunity for our company to work with a wonderful and inspiring school. Fort Royal does amazing work and we are thrilled to be a part of that story using our expertise in drama, creativity and digital technology to help enhance learning and the children’s development. We already have seen the pitentail our Prospero technology can offer schools, now we can bring those benefits to this wonderful special school.”

Matt Poole, Senior Head of Regional Funding for the Midlands at The National Lottery Community Fund, said: “It’s fantastic to see organisations working together to deliver the change they want to see in their local community. Thanks to National Lottery players, children with special needs in Worcester will receive support and opportunities to help them thrive.”

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