What are Prospero Tokens?

Tokens are the currency you need to work and share in Prospero.

Once you have purchased your Prospero License you will automatically see your token balance in your screen toolbar, top right (different licenses entitle you to different amounts of tokens - the better your license the more and cheaper the tokens are). As you use your tokens your balance will adjust accordingly.

You use tokens in two ways. Making a new Smartscript uses 100 tokens. Every time someone plays a Smartscript you have made another two tokens are used.

Tokens help you to control and maximise the value of your license. You decide how you use your balance: more or less Smartscripts in your Library, more or less users purchasing playbacks. Its under your control.

If you use all your tokens you can top up your balance or upgrade your License to get more.

Your tokens balance cannot be rolled over to a new licensing year. It will reset to your new license total.

Don’t worry about using your tokens up: that just means you and your Smartscripts are in demand, which is exactly what you want! You can always top up your balance with more tokens as you need them. You’re in control.

A Basic account gets you 1000 tokens per year, whilst a Pro account gets you 2500 tokens. That means Pro level tokens are 33% cheaper than basic! You get a third more for your money at Pro level (and lots more Director accounts too)!