I want to make my first smartscript. What order do I need to watch the tutorials in?

We suggest you watch the onliner tutorials like this:

First, make sure you know how to login to your Prospero Producer account properly.

Next, customise your Prospero Producer account page.

Now it’s time to start building your smartscript.

Scenes are the basis of every smartscript. You need to create orders of scenes to make your smartscript flow. Here’s how to create a scene. Watch this next.

Next you need to layer ‘actions’ - the things that bring your smartscript to life - into your scenes. The best action to start using first are Directions. Here’s how to create and use them.

That’s all you need to make your first smartscript!

If you would now like to start using Prospero’s ability to control smartphones or tablets then watch this guide next.

There are a number of other ‘actions’ in Prospero you can use to enrich your smartscripts. Watch this guide to see how to use them.

When you are using Prospero out and about smartphones can be triggered and interact with GPS settings. Learn how to control these here.

Prospero can do much, much more than this, but these tutorials will get you started. You’ll pick up many new functions by using Prospero yourself.

Remember, if you have a Pro or Enterprise license for Prospero a day of training comes included with your package. Make sure you book this to get the most out of Prospero.

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