What technology do I need to use Prospero?

Prospero works through web browsers. Any device which can access the internet through a browser can use Prospero. That makes it easy to use and accessible.

Anyone can create their own Smartscripts in Prospero using any web browser.

When you want to play a Smartscript, you might need particular technologies in place. In the Prospero Library the requirements for each Smartscript are clearly set out, so you know what you need in advance of using it.

If you’re using Prospero in a classroom or studio space you’ll typically need a PC, Mac or Chromebook. You will need to be running one of two browsers - Chrome or Firefox - as Prospero needs to install a free Extension approved and authorised by Google to work effectively.

Some classroom Smartscripts can also use multiple tablets and smartphones to help you organise group work or individual tasks. The Library makes these arrangements clear in advance so you can plan accordingly.

Other Smartscripts run purely on tablets or smartphones, so learning can by personalised or mobile, letting you explore the world around you. Check the Library.

Some Smartscripts are available in different formats - Lite versions have less hardware requirements making them easier to use anywhere. Check the Library.

Because Prospero works through web browsers there is nothing for you to maintain: all software is updated at our end, not yours. Make sure your hardware is up to date with settings compatible with the simple requirements in the Prospero Library.

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