How can I use Prospero’s GPS functions? What can these do for me?

Just about every smartphone or tablet computer now has GPS functionality built in. That’s how maps work. Prospero takes advantage of this built-in technology. That mean that if you build smartscripts using this GPS functionality Prospero will automatically know where every device is. So you can build very specific locations into your smartscripts which can act as triggers.

For example, get Prospero to ask ‘Can you find the statue in the park?’ When the device arrives at that place Prospero location and triggers another message; “Well done! This statue was built in 1873. Now enter the mansion to see the a painting of the sculptor.” When you get there Prospero will trigger more information: a video about the artist, a piece of music, etc. It’s up to you.

So Prospero can be a tour guide to sites, locations and on visits. Alternatively students can build using these function too, meaning they can build their own interactive guides to locations, based on the studies and research. So many possibilities! Watch this guide to see how easy it is to use.