How to futureproof your future in education and the arts


C&T has announced the first of a a series of nationwide and international events designed to help those involved in the arts and education make themselves more digitally resilient.  

Furureproof  is a free, day long event hosted by Liverpool Hope University.  A cross section of professional artists and mangers, headteachers and educators and voluntary sector workers  and academics will cone together to share challenges and work together to develop souloutions to these issues.  The day is designed to be practical and accesible, using digital technologies in ways that can help to solve problems in an achievable way.  C&T will be making its Prospero facilition technology freely available to all participants as a way of 'sandboxing' soloutions to problems.

Paul Sutton, C&T's Artistic Director, called the event "a completely different way of tackling real world problems with digital tools. We can't wait to welcome a diverse cross section of practitioners, educators and managers who all want to embrace digital resources but feel they need to find practical ways of better understanding the opportunities IT can offer. It doesn't matter your background or context: its a day for debate, probklem sharing and problem solving."

Place at Futureproof can be booked here.  

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