C&T shaping a new generation of Digital Storytellers in West Midlands libraries

Through the auttumn, Saturday morning means it’s time for C&T's regular weekly workshops using Augmented Reality (AR) technology 

The company are working in Sutton Coldfield Library in the West Midlands of England, close to Birmingham.  The library has faced the prospect of cloure in recent years, in common with mnany UK libraries. However, C&T have worked closely with a local group of volunteers to raise funds through the Big Lottery to enable an ambitous programme of creative work to atrract a new generation of library users.

For the Digital Storytellers project, C&T have been using AR technologies to bring picture books to life and to create an interactive guide to the library's faciliies.  Using drama, video, photography and storytelling techniques, C&T and a group of 9-14 year olds have set up 'digital' triggers that members of the public can use to bring the library to life in new, animated ways. 

Digital Storytellers continues throughout the autumn.  If you'd like to know more or find out hoew C&T might help your charity, school or community group to raise funds for a project like this, contact  Naomi Wood.   

Paul Sutton